What is an Abattoir Worker?

Abattoir workers are mainly employed to humanely dispatch livestock and process animal carcasses. They have high risk working conditions including heavy lifting, exposure to animal blood and diseases, and are needed to use industrial cutting machinery. Personal hygiene and high sanitary practices are crucial for abattoir workers to make sure that they do not cause any contamination to the food or carry any contaminants with them once their shift has ended.

Obtaining Life insurance, Critical illness, or Income protection as an Abattoir worker:

Securing Life Insurance as an abattoir worker should be offered at standard terms with most insurance providers. Many insurers do not see the regular daily tasks of an abattoir worker as high risk.

When it comes to Critical Illness Cover for abattoir workers, it will also typically be available at normal terms. You may notice that the Total Permanent Disability term of the policy is not available under an own occupation definition, but that of working tasks only. This may seem like a decrease in the cover that you have, Total Permanent Disability is a small feature of a Critical Illness cover and this should not dishearten you from the valuable benefit that this cover can provide i.e., cover against a minimum of 40 illnesses.

In terms of Income Protection for abattoir workers, it is available with some insurers but you must ensure that an own occupation definition is provided to you; this may not be available with all insurers. An own occupation level of cover means that you can place a claim with the insurer if you become incapacitated to work as an abattoir worker. Other terms of Income Protection provide suited occupation or any occupation cover-meaning that any claim you make will be assessed on a much bigger criteria of working capacity; making the chance of a successful claim more complicated.

Income Protection comes with a choice of deferment periods of 1 day, 1 week, 4 weeks, 8 weeks, 13 weeks, etc. This is the duration of time that you must wait before a successful claim is paid from the insurer. The deferment period chosen by you should be deliberated upon your budget for the policy, employment benefits and any savings that you have in place.

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