Abnormal cervical smear

When someone’s sample reveals that there is some type of change to the cells, as per the changes, a person might need further tests to know if the treatment is required.

In the case of cervical screening tests showing abnormal cells, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the person has cancer. But, it can be disturbing when someone is told for more tests. The person who is dealing with such a situation should get a chance to consult the GP or doctor about the results.

Critical illness cover and abnormal cervical smear

  • You might need to consult an experienced life insurance provider to get the right policy and according to your specific needs.
  • Some life insurance providers can add an exclusion for cancer of the cervix to your policy.
  • Life insurance providers may have their own set of guidelines to review the critical illness cover applications with abnormal cervical smear, some insurers can provide insurance on standard terms when symptoms are mild and there is no secondary health condition involved.

A supportive letter from your GP or doctor can be helpful!

Your GP or your doctor is well aware of your health condition and if you can arrange a letter that reflects a positive image of your current health, it can help in getting the approval for critical illness cover.

How can you secure the right critical illness insurance?

You don’t need to say yes to the very first policy you come across; you can shop around and look for the life insurance option that fits your needs.

Provide the right details to your insurer so that your application can be analyzed properly. Don’t hide any important details as it can result in non-disclosure and your claim can be rejected.

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