Fortunately, death due to disease or illness can be controlled by developing some positive lifestyle and habit changes but when it comes to accidental death, we’re helpless – but we can help to secure our family’s financial future with insurance.  It’s a fact that not everyone passes away from natural causes – that’s why insurers have come up with a wide range of products’ accidental Death Cover – covering your family’s future by paying out a lump sum if you happen to die unexpectedly due to an accident. This can be added on to your basic insurance policies by paying some extra amount of premium or you may also opt for it separately.

Accidental death cover-things you must know!

  • Accidental death cover also offers you with a variety of plans you can choose from. It is not only beneficial for securing your family but can be helpful to you as well. The consequences of accidents can sometimes be serious and god forbid if a permanent injury happens then accidental permanent injury plan covers a wide range of injuries (loss of limbs, loss of use of arms etc) as a result of unintentional accidents- in short, helps you to deal with it and not only that but it also has hospital cash plan which enables you to plan your hospital stay may it be long term or short term.
  • It covers you with a worldwide plan-meaning as long as you are residing in the UK; you are covered if you die as a result of an accident anywhere in the world
  • The amount paid by the cover is free of tax. And the cost of the cover starts from a very reasonable rate i.e., £1.85 per month
  • The Payment is in addition to any other policy- which means it pays out any benefit regardless of whether you’re covered by any other insurance policies.

Please note: This policy does not cover death caused due to any sort of illness, disease, suicide or any reckless behaviour (drink and drive). So, you must read all the terms and conditions carefully before signing it.

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