Ischemic chest pain, popularly known as angina is popularly known as a symptom of coronary artery medical conditions. Most patients of the ischemic chest pain experience chest pain which is caused by the decreased blood flow to the cardiac muscles.

The symptoms and the severity of the condition vary from patient to patient. In cases the condition is severe the medical professionals suggest the patient undergo a surgical procedure.

Life insurance with Angina

Life insurance policies are available for patients of angina but the premium cost is likely to be non-standard. Non-standard rates of interest are higher than the standard rates of interest and come with a certain amount of percentage loading. The amount of percentage loading that will be employed in your case will depend on a lot of factors. Some of the factors are listed below:

  1. Your diagnosis

The insurance underwriter will pay a lot of attention to the details of your diagnosis. This allows them to understand how long you have been dealing with the condition and if you are familiar with the condition and its symptoms. Insurance providers are always reluctant to insure individuals who have been diagnosed recently.

  • The details of your symptoms

The frequency and severity of your illness and its symptoms are one of the major deciding factors of the availability of the insurance and also its cost.

  • Treatment and medication

Any prescribed medication you take or any other form of treatment you are going under; the details have to be provided to the insurance provider. If you have undergone any medical procedures, relevant details have to be provided to the insurers.

  • BMI value

The BMI value is used to determine your present health.

  • Your current BP and Cholesterol reports

You will be required to submit relevant medical reports showing your current blood pressure levels and cholesterol levels for evaluation to the insurers.

The availability of insurance will depend largely on the above-mentioned factors. If your symptoms are mild or moderately severe life insurance policies will be available with significant percentage loading. In cases your condition is very severe the insurers will decide to wait until your condition is better or may decide to decline your application altogether.

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