Angina, also known as ischemic chest pain is a symptom of coronary artery disease and is characterized by chest pain caused due to decreased blood flow to the heart.

The severity of the condition varies from patient to patient and can sometimes be very serious and the patient can even require surgery to deal with the condition.

Life insurance with Angina

Even though the cost of the premiums is likely to be slightly higher than standard rates, there are a lot of other factors the insurance cost will depend on like the period for which you have been living with Angina, the medication or control measures you practice to cope up with the illness, your lifestyle, your overall health and if you have additional conditions among other factors.

Questions you are likely to be asked

The life insurance agents will need a lot of medical as well as personal information to make sure the underwriter gets a complete idea of the level of risks the insurance company is undertaking while deciding to provide you with the insurance.

Some of the questions are listed below:

  1. When were you diagnosed with Angina?

The date of your diagnosis plays an important factor in determining your premium rates as it gives the insurers an idea of how long you have been suffering from the condition, your familiarity with the illness, and therefore your control over the illness, etc.

  • How frequent and severe are your illness symptoms?

The intensity of Angina symptoms varies from patient to patient and so does the level of treatment. In some cases, the condition can be dealt with lifestyle changes and in some cases, the treatment goes up to surgery.  Therefore, insurers need to understand how severe your illness symptoms can be.

  • If you have had any surgical procedures to deal with your condition

The insurers are likely to ask you if you have undergone any surgical procedures to treat or control your medical condition.

  • What are your current BP and Cholesterol reports?

The underwriter will want to have a look at your other vital reports just to get an idea of the severity of your condition and your overall health.

  • What is your BMI value?

This value is required to determine how healthy you are.

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