In this article, understand the key points of Angioedema life insurance and Why choose Legal and General?

First, they got what it takes regarding the coverage including all the answers point to the same matter. Have you been investigated and diagnosed with this condition recently and, again you are searching for life coverage? Stick to this article for more details relating to this financial product.

1.    Can I Get an Approval While Having this Condition?

Yes, you can qualify for a copy just like other Brits having the same health issue. From Legal and General, we have got experts who have the capacity and knowledge base in connection to your medical condition. For General enquiries with L&G, hook up today.

2.    What will I be required to do Regarding My Application?

Legal and General underwriters will source information from you that connects with your overall health. Once your overall health status has been assessed, you can hopefully wait for the processing to be completed. You may be required to get a medical report from your GP- which is a rare case.

3.    Will I get standard rates if my angioedema condition is severe and frequent?

It is highly unlikely to get standard terms for premiums if your condition is severe and frequent. Still, you can get L&G life insurance with special terms.

4.    Tell Me About the Waiver of Premiums

At the beginning of your coverage, you may opt to select Waiver of

If policy meets incapacity within 26 weeks consecutively, the policyholder need not pay the agreed premiums.

The allowance consistently carries on up to the earliest of;

  • Incapacity period end dates
  • The policy amount payments or
  • During the end date of the cover- the expiry dates

Note: The allowance is provided for those residing within the EU.

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