Overview of an Animal Trainer:

Animal trainers are those who are responsible for the care, nurture and safety of animals. An animal trainer may look after one type of animal or a variety of different species, in different habitats, all of which could present a range of dangerous and unforeseeable environments. Animals are usually uncertain and many can easily cause serious injury despite safety procedures being followed. Some occupations related to animal trainer are: Zookeeper, Gamekeeper, Animal Keepers, Horse Breeder, Dog Breeder etc. Some potential risk experienced as an animal trainer is: Animal handling, infectious diseases, falls, and stampedes.

Securing Insurance Policies as an Animal Trainer:

Life Insurance for animal trainers will be accepted at standard rates. Insurance providers do not consider working with animals to be of a high risk and will generally offer standard terms for Life Insurance. In case your work regularly takes you abroad then you will need to provide all the details to the insurer who will take into consideration the duration of time per year that you spend outside of the UK and the locations that you travel to, when accessing your cover. The same underwriting criteria is followed by Critical illness cover as well; the insurer that you approach would be keen to know if you spend significant amounts of time outside of the UK due to your occupation.

When it comes to Income Protection for animal trainers; it is available with several insurers but you should try and make sure that the policy terms being offered to your are at an ‘own occupation’ terms – meaning that if you are unable to work due to any injury or illness you will be assessed on your ability to work as an animal trainer. Other terms of income protection will assess you on your ability to perform any similar job, or any job at all, making the ability to place a claim more complicated. You will also be provided with a choice of deferment period (duration of time you need to wait to receive a payout of successful claim) of 1 day, 1 week, 4 weeks, 8 weeks etc. You must keep in mind any employment benefits, savings and budget while choosing your deferment period for Income protection policy.

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