The Insurer signs up for an Insurance Policy trusting that when he pays up his Premiums by parting with a sizable amount of his resources for years together, the Insurance Company will keep their side of the promise and not embroil his survivors in sticky compliance and eligibility issues. That is why the Insurer needs to be very honest with the Health and Wealth details that he provides at the time of signing up. Once he is confident of that aspect, there is no cause for worry because fine print or not, the documentation is pretty clear.

Some amount of doubt and misgiving is natural because the commitment for Payout, especially in Life Cover or Whole life Insurance, is posting the Insurer’s death. However, ‘Insurance’ the word itself implies confidence that the individual risks are covered, and one can sleep peacefully.


The whole concept of Insurance was conceived with the idea to provide security to people. However, some people do have some valid and some invalid misconceptions. Trust is an essential factor, and people fear that their hard-earned money may be lost.

The Insurer also feels cheated by the thought that the return on investment is low. One has to understand that Insurance is an investment for risk coverage and not a Fixed Deposit for returns.


The Insurance Company is likely to have some clauses to reject claims. Nonetheless, Data worldwide speaks otherwise since claims settled are 98% which in itself speaks about the genuinity of Insurance companies.

The saying ‘Save for a rainy day’ is true of an Insurance company. It is your umbrella for a rainy day.  Take advice from the right source, educate yourself on your Insurance Plan, ask your questions and have them answered to your satisfaction, and sleep easy.

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