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For those with a history of Breast Cancer

October! The whole month is observed as breast cancer awareness month. Those who knew the answer, hopefully, they are following the awareness program. And the group of people were unknown to the fact, you have to pay more attention to your breast health. Try to have a health checkup every month so that the GP can diagnose cancer in its early stage. Spread more awareness in your society regarding the effect of breast cancer.

According to the cancer research Centre, at least 2 out of 8 women get diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetimes.  The death rate due to breast cancer is increasing in the UK. And most of the studies say that a huge number of women are not under life cover, where it is necessary to get the critical illness covering breast cancer. Now the question is how? Let’s hunt the answer together.

How will one get them life insurance with a family history of breast cancer?

With the increasing awareness about breast cancer, women are coming forward to get themselves covered with critical illness life insurance. It has become a frequently asked question. Whether a person is eligible for the critical illness policy with a Family history of breast cancer.  The answer is yes. There are many companies, who are eager to offer a policy to the aspiring policyholder.

Many candidates stated that they have applied for the insurance on their own and they were offered a policy with a huge premium. Most of the underwriters write the policy depending on the risk. They will try to cancel the risk to the insurer either by adding extra top-up or loading on the premium or by applying exclusion.

What is the solution?

The easiest solution is to hire an independent agent who will compare the best insurer in the UK and help you to crack the best deal. Always keep in mind,  having a family history of breast cancer does not mean that you are not eligible for the policy. Everything is possible if you have the right path to walk on.

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