Have you suffered from breast cancer and you are looking to get life insurance coverage for your family? Well, you can still be insured although your premiums may increase. But this should not stop you from buying life insurance. You know your needs and you also know what it may cost your family if you don’t leave them without financial protection. Life insurance pays a lump sum to your dependents when you die. It enables them to live a comfortable life once you are gone.

Can I get life insurance if I have recovered from breast cancer?

In most cases, breast cancer survivors qualify for life insurance although they may wait until your period of remission is over. The period will differ based on the following factors

  • The date you were diagnosed with breast cancer
  • The date of your successful breast cancer treatment
  • Your health underwriting guidelines. For instance, how they treat a person with a family history of breast cancer

You may also find that your monthly premiums are higher. If your breast cancer is likely to reoccur (you can confirm this with your doctor), you may consider buying a guaranteed issue life policy. With this policy, you don’t need a medical exam, you just get it when you apply for it. It is more expensive than underwritten policy but you should buy it if it is your only option.

Can I access life insurance at preferred rates if I am a Breast Cancer Survivor?

This will largely depend on your insurer’s underwriting guidelines and the criteria it uses to determine rates.

How long do I have to wait?

When you are a recent Breast Cancer survivor, chances are, you may not be approved for life insurance policy right away as the general rule is:

  • If you had 2 or 3 stage breast cancer, you need to be cancer-free for 3-5years after surviving.
  • If you had 4th stage breast cancer, you might need to wait for 5-10years.

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