Colon Cancer is a type of cancer that begins in the part of the large intestine that is identified as a colon. The colon is located in the final part of the digestive tract.

The medical condition is generally seen to affect the older adults but can happen at any age. The condition is first seen as a small, benign cell clump which is referred to as polyps which grow inside the colon. In due time, these polyps grow and form colon cancer.

Life insurance for survivors of colon cancer is largely available through the term and premium rate may be non-standard.

Colon Cancer and life insurance

Life insurance for colon cancer survivors is largely available through most life insurance providers. The few primary factors that will affect your insurance availability and cost are the stage and grade, at which the cancer was diagnosed, the form of treatment(s) you underwent to deal with your medical condition.

The next important factor that the life insurance providers will consider while processing your insurance application is the time that has passed since your last date of treatment. This information allows the insurance providers to understand the stability of your medical condition and how risky it is for them to offer an insurance policy of your choice.

How soon can you apply for insurance after colon cancer?

The insurance providers will underwrite your insurance application very carefully before deciding to offer you life insurance of any kind and the outcome for each underwriting process is different.

In most cases, if you were diagnosed with a low stage/grade cancer that can be resolved via minor surgeries and you are declared cancer-free after you should be able to apply for life insurance shortly after your surgery. However, in case of aggressive cancers which have also been diagnosed with a higher staging, the premiums will likely to be higher and you may have to wait for a longer period post-treatment to be eligible to apply for life insurance. In rare cases, your insurance application can also be denied if your condition resulted in further medical complications.


Life Insurance policies are made available to colon cancer survivors through most life insurance providers, the underwriters will closely review your insurance application and will decide the premium and term of your insurance policy.

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