Are you wondering if you can arrange life insurance with Benign brain tumour? Well, a simple answer is yes!

If you have had a benign brain tumour in the past and it is completely removed, you will normally be accepted at the standard terms for life insurance once an initial postponement period has passed, the postponement period is generally 3 years.

This health condition is defined as a non-malignant tumour or cyst originating from the brain, cranial nerves or meninges within the skull that can result in any of the following:

  • Invasive surgery or stereotactic radiosurgery to remove or destroy all or part of the tumour
  • Chemotherapy treatment to destroy tumour cells
  • Lasting impairment to the nervous system that is measured using the Modified Rankin Scale at level 2 or above

Life insurance providers will cover people who have Benign Brain Tumour and need to undergo any of the above treatment/surgery.

Some life insurance providers may not pay under this definition: Tumours of the pituitary gland.

Benign brain tumour and a malignant brain tumour, knowing the difference!

  • Malignant brain tumours invade the surrounding tissues
  • Benign brain tumours do not spread outside the brain

Life insurance provider will be interested to know:

  • The type of treatment or surgery you have taken
  • When were you diagnosed?
  • Is your tumour removed?
  • How does this health condition affect your daily life?

What factors will matter?

  • Your eligibility for life insurance and potential costs will heavily depend on how severe is your condition, if your condition is controlled and well-managed, getting life insurance should not be a problem.
  • But, when condition is not controlled and there are secondary health conditions present, some insurers can neglect to cover.

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