Benign brain tumours are a non-cancerous growth that develops in the brain. It develops slowly over several years and eventually causes issues with a person’s hearing and balance These tumours are monitored to determine if they begin to expand at which point surgery or radiosurgery are likely to be performed. These tumours can return after treatment.

Benign brain tumour and Life Insurance:

Being diagnosed with a benign brain tumour can be a worrying situation. Even, though the tumour is non-cancerous, it is still scary to hear that you have a lump developing in your brain. When applying for life insurance with benign brain tumour you need to provide certain information to your insurer regarding your condition.

Things insurers need to know:

  • When were you diagnosed with a benign brain tumour?
  • Have you undergone a surgery to remove it?
  • Are you due to have surgery to remove the tumour?
  • Has your hearing or balance been affected?
  • Do you use mobility aids?
  • Does the condition affect your daily living?

Life insurance for people who have suffered from a benign brain tumour may be available at standard terms, provided that surgical removal has taken place and there are no lasting symptoms. The insurer that you approach may ask a report from your GP to confirm details of the brain tumour, time since surgery and your overall health since the operation.

If you still have a benign brain tumour, you may be able to get life insurance, if it can be shown that it has not developed for a specific time and that it does not affect your daily living. If the tumour is causing complications, or you are due surgery, you will need to speak to a specialist provider for your life insurance.

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