The reality of having asthma for most is that they need to be certain when buying Life Insurance that their cover will not exclude their condition. They also want to pay a fair premium.

What is asthma?

A simple definition of asthma is the inflammation of bronchi, commonly known as airways. When someone suffers from asthma, oxygen tubes become inflamed after contact with an irritant, causing tightness in the chest and difficulty breathing. In simple terms, it can be classified into two forms; mild and well-controlled asthma; severe and uncontrolled asthma.

Impact of mild and well-controlled asthma:

It is usually thought that all asthma sufferers will see their life insurance premiums increase, cover restricted or even be outright declined by many insurers. If asthma is fully diagnosed and well-controlled by medication with rare or mild attacks, frequently insurers do not even impose any special terms or rates.

  • If your asthma is mild and/or well-controlled and you have no other significant medical conditions, you may well not need specialist cover.
  • It is often worth checking if insurers are willing to offer you full cover at standard rates before seeking a specialist quote. Generally, it is always worth checking if you can get standard cover first.

Impact of severe or uncontrolled asthma:

For those with more severe asthma or have resulted in hospital attention or prescription needs in the previous two years, insurers may opt to offer individuals “rater premiums.” This means that the cost of the policy is higher to take the additional risk of the condition into account.

Remember- that all life insurance providers are not created equally. Because of this, each insurer may have different terms and conditions when it comes to covering individuals with asthma and how they rate premium payments based on both lifestyle factors and medical conditions.

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