Asthma is a health condition that enhances the high challenges of life, especially when the condition is severe and you have a family to protect financially. Of course, life insurance can be the very first thing to strike in your mind when you think of protecting the future of your loved ones. But, can you get life insurance with asthma? What will the insurance company ask you? How will it impact your life insurance? Here is what you need to know,

Life insurance and asthma

If you are dealing with asthma, the life insurance companies will take this condition into account while calculating the cost of your life insurance as well as your premium. Moreover, the impact on the cost and premium of life insurance will vary from insurer to insurer.

What will be asked?

While applying for life insurance with asthma, you may need to answer the following questions:

  • The time when you were diagnosed with asthma.
  • How often do you experience the symptoms of this health condition?
  • If you have been admitted to the hospital due to asthma in the past two years.
  • Some details about your last asthma attack.
  • You may be asked about the treatment or medication that you take.
  • How does it affect your life insurance?

With this health condition, you may have to pay higher premiums and the cost of life insurance can also be high. Moreover, if you are a smoker, the cost will surely be high (even if you don’t have asthma and you smoke) and hence, you need to avoid smoking.

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