People investigated and having autoimmune disorders think how hard it is to obtain Life Policy to commence with the overall protection. To prove them wrong, we have got an insurance provider in the streets of the United Kingdom known as Legal and General- an insurer who accepts those feeling as outcasts because of either an application decline or postponement. If you are wondering which autoimmune disorders we are talking about, here we go to give you the listing. Some of these health abnormalities include;

  • Asthma
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Allergy
  • Crohn’s condition among others

Insurance for these types of health conditions is available with Legal and General at affordable special rates which will work within your budget.


Various L&G options are depending on your preferences as well as your circumstance. From the types of policies available, we have;

The Level cover: In this case, the sum insured remains the same unless the legal owner of the coverage decides to make several amendments or changes.

Decreasing cover: The amounts of the policy lowers within the duration of the coverage. This type is sometimes referred to as the mortgage insurance and therefore aids in the protection of your mortgage.

Increasing Cover: Upon selecting this type of coverage, the amounts of the policy rise hand in hand with the inflation occurrences measured yearly. In this case, you need not answer any questions related to your health status.

Linking up with L&G means meeting a dedicated team that’s polite, understanding and a team having tremendous knowledge about your circumstance and the best policy that suits you. L&G provides affordable prices and best insurance policies depending on the needs of the policyholder.

We would recommend you to talk to one of our advisers for life insurance quotes.
Any quote that your adviser provides you with will take into account your circumstances, your medical history, as well as your budget!
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