Barrett’s Oesophagus is a condition in which the oesophagus (the tube that connects the mouth to the stomach) to become damaged by acid reflux in the body and the inner lining of the oesophagus thickens and turns red. The condition is common and the damage usually occurs only on the lower portion of the tube. It is generally seen in patients who have been suffering from chronic gastro-oesophageal reflux diseases or GERD.

In rare cases, the condition can develop into oesophageal cancer.

Barrett’s Oesophagus and Life insurance

Even though the chances of developing Oesophagus cancer with Barrett’s Oesophagus is rare, it can be a concern for life insurance companies making them reluctant to cover you under standard terms. If your condition is caused due to your GERD then the insurers will mainly look into that for underwriting and determination of the overall risks involved in providing you with life insurance.

Cost of Life Insurance

 Like in all cases the cost of your life insurance will depend on a lot of factors related to your medical condition. The underwriters will look into a lot of information about your general health before they can decide on the final rate of premium they shall be willing to offer you.

Some of the factors are listed below:

  • The date of your diagnosis with Barrett’s Oesophagus
  • If you have any other related medical condition (like oesophagus cancer)
  • Your BMI (this helps to determine your general health and fitness level)
  • Other unrelated medical condition you may suffer from
  • If you are undergoing any treatment at the moment
  • The medication you take or have taken to control your condition

In case your Barrett’s Oesophagus is well controlled and you have no other added medical condition, you should be able to secure life insurance at a decent rate of premium, in worse case scenarios the cost of cover may go up to about 250% of the standard rate and can also be denied. 

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