People are quite worried while applying for life insurance while suffering from the disease. It is a common observation and a common rule that to get life insurance with the disease, such as those diseases which are quite hazardous for you, can cause you to spend an extra amount to get a standard premium. Yet, this is not the case in Bell’s Palsy, as you can get life insurance easily at the standard rates.

Bell’s Palsy life insurance

Bell’s Palsy causes partial paralysis of the face, mostly affecting one side of the face only, and is temporary. Pregnant women, diabetics, and people who have been ill with virus lately have higher chances to get Bell’s Palsy.

It is a temporary condition, thus insurance policy can be bought at standard rates. Insurance providers would like to have some necessary information regarding the disease.

Information required for getting life insurance with Bell’s Palsy

Insurance companies may ask you the following question, while you are applying for life insurance.

  • What was your age when you first got symptoms of the disease?
  • What was your age when symptoms went away?
  • Have you had any treatment for your condition?
  • Which medicines were prescribed for your condition?

Providing the necessary information, you can get life insurance, thus ensuring a secure future for your family.

What if you haven’t still recovered

Now for those who haven’ yet recovered…..

There are many cases when you haven’t fully recovered, in this scenario it can become difficult to get your application approved by insurance companies. If you have serious medical condition due to bell’s palsy  following scenarios can happen:

  • They might postpone your application
  • You can apply for a traditional term or whole life insurance
  • You can apply for a guaranteed issue life insurance

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