Some facts about bipolar life insurance

  • When you are diagnosed with bipolar disorder or you have experienced symptoms which include manic depression and suicidal thoughts, life becomes more and more difficult.
  • Consult a life insurance company that understands your mental health issues and can help you to get a suitable policy.
  • The insurance company should be focused on the best possible bipolar life insurance policy as per your needs and must take time to understand your requirements.
  • When someone applies for bipolar life insurance, the insurer generally (and probably will) ask for a medical report from the GP to get a clear picture of the health condition.

When this condition is controlled with low symptoms, it must not be too difficult to obtain life insurance. Though, you may need to be prepared to pay premiums that are slightly on a higher side. When the condition is severe which includes suicidal attempts, frequent symptoms or the use of drugs/alcohol in the past are visible, your application for life insurance can be declined.

Some factors that will decide your premiums include:

The current bipolar diagnosis includes the severity of symptoms, any associated treatment, or medication.

  • Your medical history
  • The type of insurance product you are looking for.
  • The terms and conditions of life insurance.
  • If you have a family history associated with this condition.

Per mille loading

An outcome, that one may experience while applying for life insurance with this condition is ‘per mille loading’. This is when the insurer will apply an additional amount to the premiums.

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