A blacksmith is a metalsmith who creates objects by using heavy tool and furnace such as:

  • gates, grilles
  • light fixtures
  • sculpture
  • agricultural implements
  • decorative items
  • cooking utensils
  • tools etc.

As a blacksmith, the nature of a job is dangerous as you work in hazardous conditions with close contact of fire. You work with heavy equipment and are prone to repetitive strain injuries.

You are also responsible for your work. If something goes awry with the equipment, or final piece of work, you could end up paying for the repair bills, hospital bills, and legal fees.

These expenses can be costly and, without life insurance, you could suffer from financial turmoil. With Legal and General, these expenses gets covered within Blacksmith Life Insurance.


This occupation is a dangerous job to do and, at times, insurers in the United Kingdom may offer the financial product at standard rates.

Legal and General Assurance welcomes all blacksmiths to initiate life protection for their families and loved ones at special rates. Just like any other insurance firm, L&G may offer Life insurance for blacksmiths at standard rates.

People have got different financial needs and responsibilities and, therefore, this forms a basis for a life insurance need. It’s much advisable to grab a Life Insurance coverage when at your younger age than when old. Young people pay less than people who have advanced in their age and, this tells you- no need to wait until when old.

Life insurance from L&G is to counter your circumstances and, it’s from here that you can choose to decide whether to pick a term life insurance or whole of the life insurance policy.

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