The Beginning

In simple words, patent foremen ovale means a hole in the heart. It is not a disease but an improper formation of the heart. In this case, the heart did not form properly in the baby when he/she was in the mother’s womb. The small valve is considered better than the PFO. The reason behind it is that this hole allows the blood to flow inside the heart and lungs in the fetus from the time when the lungs were not functional. This pathway later forms the PFO.

The most crucial matter regarding it is that the blood gets clotted and causes a very fatal stroke. The blood that passes through the hole is not filtered and thus it might so happen that the blood could reach the brain and get clotted. Another thing that can happen is the bulging out of the artery walls in a very peculiar manner.

Does Blood clot and PTO affect Life Insurance?

You will be astonished to know that most persons with PFO lead a normal life without treatment. Moreover, it is very hard to identify until and unless you undergo medical treatment for some other diseases. And to administer it, the doctor uses a catheter or does an open heart surgery which is very risky.

PFO may lead to an increase in the possibility of getting a brain stroke at 25%. Most people want to get insured in against PFO. Generally, young people go for PFO treatment or surgeries and so this is a gleaming point. The juveniles are mostly found good in health, have balanced sugar and cholesterol levels, proper blood pressure and are non-smokers. So, this will help to keep the premium low.

Another factor that can keep a reduced rate of premium is proof of continuous medical treatment. For this an early detection of PFO becomes essential.

Insurances for people with a blood clot and PTO

People with perfect health can opt for Standard Plus insurance. Sometimes, the insurance company may decline or postpone a case depending upon the condition of the health of the patient. Better to take the help of an insurance advisor who could help you to get the best policy from the best insurance company in the market.

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