Bradycardia-Its impact on your life!

Being diagnosed with Bradycardia can make it difficult to obtain life insurance. One is diagnosed with bradycardia when resting heart rate is lower than normal parameters. When an individual’s resting heart rate is less than 40 beats per minute they are considered to have absolute bradycardia. There is a possibility to have a low resting heart rate if you are young or athletic, hence a slow heart rate can be an indication of problems within the heart’s functioning.

How does it affect life insurance cost?

Knowing the fact that bradycardia can cause intricacy when obtaining life insurance. This can be frustrating as some people may have bradycardia, not know about it, and be none the wiser when obtaining insurance. The important thing is though, that if you are bradycardia sufferer, you need to assure that you inform your insurer, if they ask you about heart-related conditions. Bradycardia can influence people in many ways and symptoms can have varying levels of severity. Before progressing with the application process, you’ll need to provide certain information to your insurer such as:

  • How long have you been influenced by the condition?
  • Your resting heart rate?
  • How is your condition controlled?

Almost all cases of bradycardia life insurance your insurer will seek a medical report from your doctor to assess the cause of your condition, how well-controlled it is and your resting heart rate. If your normal heart rate is slightly below than normally expected, then you might be able to get life insurance on terms that are close to standard. The severe the condition and lower the heart rate, the more likely it is that insurance providers are going to increase the premiums. Whatever the situation is, make sure you disclose every single issue related to your condition, to avoid any dispute during the claim.

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