Protection against the most commonly suffered conditions in women: Breast Cancer

Breast cancer generally occurs in females, of any age. Breast cancer is a painless lump or swelling that is found within the breast tissue and it is advised that women get their breasts checked regularly so that they are aware of any changes to the area.

Breast Cancer; affecting 30% of women in the UK.

  • Previously policies would only pay out when a specific type of surgery i.e. a mastectomy, was carried out. Several insurers have now improved their policies to pay claims regardless of surgery type. This, in essence, will future-proof your policy in the event of medical and surgical advancements. Cancer falls under the category of an Association of British Insurers (ABI), core critical illness and hence cancer insurance is included in all critical illness covers. Although all policies cover cancer but it is not necessary that it covers less advanced cases, thus it is important to find a cover that does meet your requirements.

Life insurance and breast cancer:

Life insurance for people who have experienced breast cancer may be available at standard terms with some insurers. The terms offered for life insurance will be based on the stage of your cancer and the amount of time since your last treatment. 

Breast cancer that was diagnosed as low staging with no recent treatment, may see your application for life insurance accepted at standard rates. If your breast cancer is at high staging and there have been recent treatments, your policy may be accepted at an increased rate of your premiums. 

In short the longer the period since your diagnosis and cure, the more convenient the terms will be for life insurance. To have your breast cancer life insurance approved you may come across certain questions which have to be answered honestly by you and these are as follows:

  • When you were diagnosed and what was the staging?
  • What treatment did you undergo (e.g. chemotherapy or radiotherapy)
  • Are you fully recovered and free of treatment?
  • When was your last treatment?

We must have the staging and grading of your cancer as accurately as possible because, without it, your insurance provider cannot give you a clear indication as to how much your premiums will be.

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