When should you buy a cancer cover?

May it be breast cancer or any other cancer in the body, a person should try to buy life insurance and medical insurance at an early age and definitely before you get cancer at any part of the body. After you are detected with the life-threatening disease it becomes very difficult to get a cover. While it is unpredictable and not know when one can get detected with the disease but the thumb rule is to buy life insurance and Mediclaim at an early age to avoid financial woos if by chance you are diagnosed with the disease. Cancer treatment is usually very expensive, moreover, you may not be in a condition to work if you are diagnosed with the disease. So best is to plan early for the unforeseen situation.

Why is it important to buy a Life Insurance before you are detected with cancer?

It is always advisable to buy insurance before you are diagnosed with the disease, as if you approach an insurance company after the disease is diagnosed then insurance companies will definitely refuse cover and even if they offer a cover premium are likely to be very high and that too after waiting for a long time of somewhere between two years to ten years post-treatment or surgery of the first time. If it doesn’t relapse few insurers may consider giving a cover but most of the times it is very difficult to get it. Mainstream insurers are unlikely to give a cover as relapse of cancer is very common and treatment for the disease is very expensive.  

Is it difficult to get life insurance or medical Insurance after you get detected with breast cancer?

Life insurance can be available for those who have survived breast cancer and reached a point of 24 months or more after their last treatment. However, each case is individual and there is no guarantee of getting cover from an insurance company.

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