Brittle bone disorder is a genetic disorder that causes your bones to break easily. It is a very rare, but also a chronic and life-threatening illness. For this reason, those who are diagnosed with it might be wondering: ‘does the brittle bone disease affect life insurance?

The truth is that it does. Having such a serious illness makes your life insurance application process more time-consuming and expensive. However, by taking steps to better manage your condition, you will greatly improve your chances of getting affordable life insurance.

Questions you will be asked

You can expect to be asked questions about your brittle bone disease when you apply for life insurance. The following are some common ones:

  • When were you diagnosed with the disease?
  • Which type of the disease are you diagnosed with (there are four types, each varying in their severity)?
  • How frequently do you experience symptoms?
  • How severe are your symptoms?
  • Do you have any other health conditions?

A report from your physician will also be requested. Make sure that you facilitate communication between your insurer and your physician to speed up the application process.

The information will be evaluated to give you a risk rating. The more severe your symptoms, the greater your risk.

Usually, those with this disease are unable to get life insurance at the standard terms. Hence, the premium on your brittle bone disorder life insurance is likely to be higher than the standard premium, so the policy you’re given is called a specialist cover. The exact amount of premium you have to pay depends on your level of risk.

You must also note that you might be declined for life insurance if your condition is especially critical. However, this is uncommon, as most people suffering from this disease are approved for life insurance at specialist terms.

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