Diabetes, irrespective of its variant is seen as a medical condition which in itself is not serious but can lead to various other medical scenarios that are very risky. Life insurance providers view diabetes as a condition that increases the chances of the policy-holder filling a claim sooner which could result in a substantial financial loss on their part. That being said there are a lot of insurance providers out there who can still help you find the perfect life insurance policy that suits all your needs and requirements at a fairly affordable price.

How expensive can life covers be?

Most life insurance policies will indeed be availed at higher rates of premium for individuals suffering from diabetes, however, the cost is not as high as you may imagine. In most favourable scenarios the percentage loading can be very minimal. The final value of the insurance premium will depend on the specifics of your medical condition, more specifically, the type of diabetes you have, the results of your recent Hba1c reports, the type of control mechanism you practice etc.

The cost of the insurance will also depend on your age, lifestyle, medical history, BMI value and other medical conditions you might have.

How does alcohol consumption affect my insurance application?

Studies suggest that consumption of excess alcohol can cause the blood sugar levels to either rise or fall, sometimes to fatal levels. It must also be remembered that alcohol contains a lot of calories and it is suggested that the consumption of alcohol be done strictly occasionally and only when the blood sugar levels are in control.

Due to the dangers that are involved in indulging in the consumption of alcohol while suffering diabetes insurance providers may be reluctant to offer you life insurance policy and even if they do offer you insurance, they might do so at very high rates of insurance premiums.


A very healthy lifestyle can help you keep your diabetes in control and aid you to purchase life insurance at very attractive rates. It is advised that you refrain from the consumption of alcohol as doing so might make you ineligible to purchase life insurance policies or cost you heavily. 

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