Many life insurance companies will be cautious when offering a life insurance policy for someone having diabetes type 2 and also drinks alcohol beyond the recommended limits. According to Diabetes UK:

  • Continuous heavy drinking can lead to increased high blood pressure
  • Drinking alcohol can lead to increased weight because all types of alcoholic drinks contain calories.
  • Drinking alcohol can cause nerve damage.

Can Diabetic People get Life Insurance?

Yes, in most cases, an individual who drinks alcohol and is diabetic, can qualify for life insurance, he/she may require a medical exam and need to provide a blood tests and other reports to the underwriter.

What will insurers want to know

  • What type of diabetes are you having?
  • How long have you been drinking alcohol?
  • Have you been hospitalized for diabetes and over drinking?
  • Is your diabetes under control?

What treatment are you using to keep your situation under control?

Once all this information has been collected, your underwriter will determine the premiums you will pay for a life insurance policy. In some instances, your application may be postponed or declined by some insurance companies.

However, if a client agrees to offer you coverage in such a situation, the cover is offered with the loading of say 50% depending on the severity of your diabetes and how heavy you drink alcohol.

Loading is the additional amount an insurance company may add on top of your monthly premiums due to a high level of risk of your situation.

What to note

Life insurance companies view situations differently. For this reason, it is vital to work with our insurance agent who will provide you with the many options you can always explore.

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