Insurers take into consideration a variety of factors when assessing how much you will have to pay for your life insurance premiums. Such factors include your age if you’ve suffered any illnesses, whether you smoke or are overweight and your family’s medical history. About 5-10% of people with motor neurone disease (MND) have a family history of the disease. This form of MND is referred to as familial, or inherited, MND. Inherited MND is caused by the disorder in the genetic code. People with this genetic disorder can pass these onto their next generation. In case a person has an MND-related genetic disorder there is a possibility that each of their children may have a 50/50 chance of inheriting the disease.

If a family member has Motor Neurone disease – Can I secure insurance?

According to insurance perspective, Insurance providers use various information given in application forms as well as statistics on average life expectancy and past claims data to determine a premium rate that will reflect the level of risk a customer imposes. The same reasoning is applied when it comes to your family’s medical history. It all comes down to possibilities; if a close relative has experienced a motor neuron disease, there’s a higher likelihood that you could get affected by the same condition later in the future. This is especially true in terms of inherited conditions, like Motor Neurone.  

However, the mere fact that your family has a history of one or more of these conditions do not automatically mean your life insurance premiums will be affected. Insurance underwriters will also take into account how many relatives were affected, how close the relationship is- particularly meaning your parents, brothers and sisters, the age of the relative when diagnosed with the disease as well as your age and gender.

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