Kidneys are two bean-shaped organs that are a major component of the urinary system and filter out the extra water consumed by the body aiding the removal of waste and toxins found in the blood and ultimately removing it from the human body. A chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a medical condition that particularly affects the kidneys of the patients and affects the proper functioning of the organ. This condition can create significant medical conditions and affect the general health of the patient drastically.

Particularly individuals who are diabetic and are suffering from hypertension are at a larger risk of developing chronic kidney diseases. In severe conditions, the condition can even lead to the failure of the organ which is either treated by an organ transplant or dialysis.

Chronic Kidney Disease and Life Insurance

Life insurance policies are mostly available for patients to suffer from CKD, however, the availability of insurance will be affected if your condition is severe and/ or you have additional medical conditions.

In case your condition is mild or moderately serious but still manageable you will be availed insurance at standard to slighter higher than the standard rate of premium.

Before the insurance providers can decide on a particular rate of premium for your insurance they will thoroughly look through your medical records and also consider your present health. For this evaluation they might ask you a couple of questions, some of them are listed below:

  1. What type of Chronic Kidney Disease are you suffering from?
  2. The time of diagnosis of your condition?
  3. The severity and symptoms of your condition
  4. If you have ever undergone surgery or required a transplant to deal with the situation?
  5. If you are due to undergo surgery or transplant in the coming days?


The availability of insurance, if you have chronic kidney disease, will depend on how you answer the above-mentioned questions and factors like your age, BMI, lifestyle and presence of any additional medical condition.

The availability will be largely affected if you have an unhealthy lifestyle and smoke or indulge in excessive drinking regularly.

It is advised that you disclose all relevant information at the time of application.

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