Having a Chronic Kidney Disease could impact your life insurance applications, although rates and cover options available to kidney patients have improved in recent years.

Applying for Life Insurance with Chronic Kidney Disease:

If you have kidney disease and apply for life insurance, your kidney function test results will help your insurers determine if you can be approved for coverage and what risk class you would be assigned. If the tests show evidence of a progressive decline in kidney function, the applicant would likely be an automatic decline. There are cases in which you can still be approved for life insurance even if you have kidney disease. With chronic kidney disease, the stage you are in (Stage 1 has the best outcomes and Stage 5 is end-stage) and your treatment plan will be evaluated very closely. You may also come across various questions from your insurers to understand your condition and access your application.

Things your insurers may ask:

  • When you received your diagnosis
  • The regular medication you are taking
  • How your health is currently
  • Staging/grading of chronic kidney disease
  • Recent surgery or treatment you may have had, or if you are currently awaiting any

Applicants currently going through dialysis treatment are generally not insurable. However if your chronic kidney disease is only at stage 1 you can be offered cover at non-standard term i.e., with small premiums increase but if your condition is severe, you may have had a recent treatment or your condition has a large impact on your overall health as well the policy offered to your can come with a higher premium increase and in some cases can also be declined for the policy.

Please note; Chronic Kidney Disease Life insurance premiums may vary from one insurer to another, depending on their underwriting philosophy.

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