Being diagnosed with cancer is undoubtedly a terrifying experience, especially if you had not secured a life insurance cover. It is often viewed as a life sentence because of the treatment expenses involved and the difficulty of getting a life insurance protection after healing. However, this does not have to be the case because it is possible to protect you and your loved ones through life insurance even after cancer.

Each insurance provider has distinct and unique terms from the other and if uncertain, ensure to talk with an expert about your insurance needs because they are likely to know the one with the best deals.


While shopping for a life cover after complete healing from cancer, it is common for providers to be cautious by enquiring about the type of cancer you had, the treatment you had, how long ago it was since getting an ‘all clear’ report from your doctor, and stage of cancer during diagnosis.

Generally, insurance providers will use this information to determine your life insurance policy terms. Some types of cancer like basal-cell carcinomas do not present a huge risk because they are easy to treat and not likely to recur.


The hundreds of types of cancers that exist make it difficult to give an accurate amount of premiums that you can expect to pay for a life insurance cover after successful treatment. Being the most common type in illness, insurance providers will add a certain amount of ‘loading’ to your monthly premiums.

For this kind of life insurance cover, the premiums are likely to be higher a few years after successful treatment and might be lower after showing no signs of recurrence. In some cases, the provider might request that you wait for a certain period, especially if your treatment has occurred within the past few years.

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