Kidney cancer as the name suggests is cancer that begins in the kidneys of the patient.  In adults, the most common type of cancer is known as renal cell carcinoma. In children, however, a form of cancer known as Wilms’ tumour is more common.

The condition is linked with older age, smoking, obesity, hypertension, certain forms of kidney failure, inherited syndromes and also a family history of kidney cancer.

Kidney Cancer and Life Insurance

Most patients who have recovered from kidney cancer are eligible for life insurance. The insurance providers are mostly reluctant to offer insurance to anyone who has been recently diagnosed with the condition or is still undergoing treatment.

All applicants who were diagnosed with Kidney Cancer are advised to wait for a minimum period of 12 months or 6 months (depending on the insurance providers) after their last date of treatment to ensure their medical condition has stabilised.

Will I be able to get insurance at a low cost?

The insurance providers take life insurance applications and conduct a procedure which is known as underwriting. The underwriting consists of insurance personnel reviewing all information you have provided with your insurance application and accessing the risks involved in providing you with life insurance for the insurance company.

They will ask for the following information to help assist them with the underwriting:

  1. The date of your diagnosis with the condition.
  2. The grade and stage of the diagnosis.
  3. The form of treatments you underwent for the condition.
  4. Your last date of treatment.
  5. Any post-treatment complication you might have.
  6. If you have been given the all-clear.
  7. Any additional medical complication you suffer from.

Based on how you answer the above-mentioned question and other factors like your age, occupation, lifestyle the insurance underwriter will decide on the availability of life insurance policies for you and the amount you should be paying for them.


Life insurance policies for patients who have recovered from Kidney Cancer are mostly available if you have fully recovered from the condition. The terms and cost of the insurance will however vary depending on several factors.

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