Will people diagnosed with tuberculosis (TB) be considered for life insurance?

You might think tuberculosis is some outdated disease of the past, but it is not. It’s a contagious airborne infection which still affects millions of people every year, and the recurrence of this scourge – and antibiotic-resistant variants of the disease – serve as a reminder that TB is far from gone. Each year, TB is responsible for more than millions of deaths globally and it mainly occurs in developing countries. The symptoms of this condition vary from weight loss to coughing and the infection is distinguished by a long latency period from infection to clinical illness.

Insurance Underwriters consider the following things when underwriting your application for Tuberculosis Life Insurance:

  • Date of diagnosis and relapse if any
  • Site of infection by TB such as lung, bone etc
  •  Medications are taken
  • Hospitalizations or surgeries have undergone for the condition
  • Evidence of recurrence
  • Smoker status
  • Pulmonary function tests
  • Other health issues and concerns

As applicable to underwriting concerns, TB falls into two categories: Pulmonary and Extrapulmonary. Pulmonary is the common case, affecting only the lungs. In a best-case scenario, it’s classed under a standard rate (premium) class presuming treatment has been completed for at least a year afterwards. In case there is any evidence of significant lung impairment, it’s treated like COPD and therefore premiums may vary accordingly.

Extrapulmonary is an uncommon active case where it spreads outside the lungs, causing other forms of TB. In cases like this, insurers may likely apply high premiums or there is also a potential that they may decline the policy and the same goes with cases of Tuberculosis caused due to drug-resistant strain.

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