Tuberculosis or TB is a critical infectious disease caused by bacteria and mainly affects the lungs of the patient. The disease is spread when an infected person coughs or sneezes near a healthy person and the droplets loaded with the infection-causing bacteria are transferred from the infected person to a healthy person.

In most cases the infected person does not have any symptoms but if they do occur they usually include cough (which can sometimes be blood-tinged), weight loss, night sweats and fever.

If the patient does not show symptoms then treatment is not required. However, if the patient does show symptoms then he or she will require a long course of treatments which involve the use of multiple antibiotics.

The condition is common and with the right treatment usually resolves in months.

Tuberculosis and Life insurance

Purchasing or arranging for life insurance policies with a condition like tuberculosis can be challenging, however, it must be remembered that all insurance providers have their unique underwriting policies hence it can be possible to purchase life insurance at affordable prices from some of these insurance providers.

Tuberculosis is a condition that often resolves in a  couple of months however the damage caused by the infection to your lungs remain which can lead to respiratory issues in the future.

To successfully underwrite your life insurance application there are a couple of things the insurance provider will need to know. These may include (but are not limited to the following):

  • When were you diagnosed with tuberculosis
  • The symptoms that lead to the diagnosis
  • The severity and frequency of your symptoms
  • The treatment or medication you received to deal with the condition
  • Your date of last treatment (the duration of the treatment and the time that has passed since the infection)
  • Any other medical condition you might have
  • Any long-lasting symptoms or medical complication that may have resulted because of the condition.


In several cases, it is seen that insurance providers are often reluctant to offer insurance to anyone who has had a TB infection, which is why they often charge a higher rate of premium for most life insurance policies.

However, if your condition was mild and well treated and there has been no complication since and you provide a favourable GP report you can still be able to purchase insurance at standard rates.

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