Enquiring about life insurance, there are a variety of dangerous occupations that require further details or mean that you may have to accept certain exclusions on your policy terms. If you are someone who works in high-risk environments or conditions, it’s completely normal to have questions about certain life insurance policies.

Securing Life Insurance with a hazardous occupation:

You may be wondering if it’s likely to get an affordable life insurance policy, or if you are even able to buy an insurance plan. Fortunately, if you have a risky occupation but your health is in good condition or above average, you may be lucky. The majority of life insurers appreciate that everyone has families who are dependent on them financially and will validate policies for individuals in just about any occupation, provided that their health is good.

Occupations that involve risks which means there is a difficulty when obtaining life insurance compared to other occupations include, the Armed Forces (Army, Navy etc), builders, construction workers, commercial and emergency services drivers, engineers, pilots, security and offshore workers, etc. –However, higher risk jobs doesn’t mean that you cannot get life insurance.

Generally, when applying for life insurance, people are asked about their occupation to determine the level of risk involved, which would be influenced by factors such as; having to work with dangerous equipment, working at heights, the use of firearms, travelling abroad, and dangerous or high-risk locations. If you have a high-risk job, the probability of death is, therefore, higher and riskier for insurers who, for obvious reasons, want to avoid having to pay out early on. For this reason, your premiums may be more expensive. Individual circumstances differ and apart from your occupation, many different factors can impact your insurance policy.


Perhaps you have been denied an insurance policy in the past because of your hazardous occupation, but this does not necessarily mean that you can’t secure life cover, as risks are determined differently from insurer to insurer. Bearing this in mind, it is worth getting expert advice from professional insurance advisors.

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