Life Insurance for private pilots will often be considered standard cover and pilot’s life insurance should be effortlessly obtainable with standard terms. However, for military or helicopter pilots, and flight instructors’ pilots’ life insurance may come with some loading as these are considered as high-risk imposer by insurers. During your application for a pilot’s life insurance, your insurance providers will need full details of your flight activity and may even require your full medical history.

Private pilots & light aviation life insurance

Due to the higher risks involved in any form of aviation activity, there may be additional underwriting requirements for private pilots life insurance. The general guideline for private pilots and light aviation activities with life insurance is that cover is often available at standard rates with no limitations for recreational and infrequent flying. Private pilots life insurance underwriting will require for you to reveal additional details regarding your occupational roles, such as:

  • Type of aircraft
  • License you hold
  • Hours of flying (per annum)
  • Countries you fly to or in

Most life cover applications for private pilots will be accessed and accepted with no special terms unless there is something more dangerous about your activity. Helicopter pilots looking for life insurance may find that cover is slightly more restrictive and expensive as helicopters are seen as more dangerous than planes. If you have been denied or accepted on special terms for private pilots and light aviation life insurance, then you must speak to one of the expert advisers. Expert advisors have been a great help for people wanting to secure favourable terms for life cover with such hazardous hobbies or occupations like private pilots.

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