Is It Possible To Get Life Insurance If I Have Crohn’s Disease?

Despite what most people think otherwise, it is possible to get Life Insurance when you have Crohn’s Disease. There are many affordable options for you to choose from and they could benefit you greatly with your condition. Having affordable insurance rates and coverage depends solely on your condition’s seriousness. Getting a Crohn’s disease life insurance is not as difficult as you may think. You just need to provide your underwriter with the right information.

Life Insurance Cover If I Have Crohn’s Disease

Making the correct application and choosing the right insurance company make a huge difference for your premiums and rating if you have Crohn’s Disease. You should know that working with an insurance advisor, who has a proper understanding of this condition will ensure that the process is handled correctly. Despite that Crohn’s Disease is a chronic illness, in most of the cases it is not fatal and most of the applicants with Crohn’s Disease qualify for life insurance.

Critical Illness Cover For Crohn’s Disease

Just like Crohn’s Life Insurance, Critical Illness Cover For Crohn’s Disease is among the options that you can consider at standard rates if your condition is mild or dormant for some time. Your insurer may also want to know whether your condition affects your daily life, such as being able to work or having time off work because of the condition lately.

Income Protection For Crohn’s Disease

You can get Income Protection For Crohn’s Disease but most of the time this will not be at standard rates. Insurance companies see Crohn’s Disease as a progressing condition and this may prevent you from working. It is advised that you speak to one of our specialists about the type of policy. 

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