What is cancer?

Cancer is a common life-threatening disease across the world. Cancer is one of the most common life-changing illnesses experienced by individuals these days. Being told that you have cancer is a scary experience. Cancer can affect almost any part of the body and in many circumstances can cause physical, mental and emotional scars to the sufferer.

Is it difficult to get insurance cover after diagnosed with cancer?

It is better to buy a cancer cover or critical illness cover before you are diagnosed with the disease. Buying such policies at a younger age with few diseases can help people secure a policy by paying a low and standard premium. If you consider buying a policy post diagnoses then the premium charged by insurance companies will be much higher and in many cases, companies may decline to cover depending on the severity of your condition. 

Hearing that you have got cancer can lead you to think about what the future may hold and you may consider buying insurance and life cover. For some, it makes them think about insurance and putting measures in place to make sure that loved ones are financially secure if the worst happens. It depends on individual condition and type of cancer one may be suffering from.

Thinks Insurance companies consider before providing cancer cover?

What type of cancer they have been diagnosed with and when it got diagnosed? What stage and grading were cancer, do you undergo chemotherapy or another treatment, when did you last receive treatment for cancer, have you been given the all-clear?

Certain cancers such as low staging and grading basal-cell carcinomas, usually cause little concern for insurance providers and are often accepted at normal terms. On the other end of the scale if cancer has been quite serious, with lymph node involvement or been particularly aggressive, then prices can be much higher than those with lower-level cancers. If your cancer was very recent then many insurance providers will ask you to wait for a set number of years before cover can be offered. There are however specialist insurers that you can get life insurance with if your cancer happened recently.

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