The good news is that it is possible to get traditional life insurance if you have cerebral palsy. Though, this type of insurance can require medical tests. Life insurance companies may have their guidelines and rules to analyze the severity of this health condition according to which the approval of life insurance will be provided.

Why does it matter to life insurance companies of you have cerebral palsy?

The main reason why your insurer will care about this health condition is to separate people with mild conditions from those with severe health conditions. The severity of the condition will have an impact on life expectancy, this, in turn, involves risk!

What information can be required?

  • What are the symptoms that you experience due to cerebral palsy?
  • Are you able to work?
  • Did you get any type of disability benefit in the last 12 months?
  • Have you been hospitalized in the past 2 years? If yes, why?
  • Do you have any secondary health conditions associated with cerebral palsy?
  • Do you take any kind of medicines or treatments?

How can you ensure that you get the right policy?

  • First, make sure that you allow your insurer to take enough time to review your reports and your health condition.
  • Consult with life insurance experts who specialize in offering life insurance with cerebral palsy.
  • Explore your options, compare, and then make a wise decision.
  • When you compare the costs and the terms and conditions of a particular policy, you will be able to find a cost-effective solution to your life insurance needs.

Get in touch with experts for more details!

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