Life insurance policy is a guarantee for the secure future of your loved ones or family or beneficiaries, after your death. The process of obtaining a life insurance policy with a disease can be strenuous and exhausting, but it is worth it. Gaining life insurance with Cerebral Palsy is somewhat difficult too, but here is a guide about all the necessary information you should have while applying for a life insurance premium quote with this disease.

Cerebral Palsy Disorder and Insurance

Cerebral palsy is a disease that limits a person’s movement. Cerebral Palsy is not a genetic disorder, but it occurs during birth or early childhood and it’s important to obtain life insurance. This disorder comes with higher chances of demise, earlier than your peer so contact an insurer agent and get a life insurance at the earliest.

Requirements for getting life insurance with Cerebral Palsy Disorder

Every case of cerebral palsy is different and, in some cases, may be less life-threatening than other people with your age or cerebral palsy. Hence, insurance providers will be more interested in knowing the following information about your condition.

  • Are you suffering from seizures?
  • Any difficulty while feeding yourself?
  • Any intellectual disability you are suffering from?
  • What is the severity level of your condition?
  • Do you have impaired vision?
  • What is your movement rate? The less movement means you are at a higher risk of a premature demise.
  • Do you have any breathing, swallowing, or chewing issues?

Advice in the Nutshell

Even if you have very low motor, cognitive or cognitive features, you are unlikely to get the premium at standard rates. Yet you can get life insurance if you are willing to pay a bit high premium for your life insurance policy. Hence premium rates are calculated according to the severity of the disease.

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