Every parent would like to give all the luxuries in the world to his children, along with appropriate values to make him/her a better human being. However, money is a significant constraint and safeguarding the child’s future and saving for his / her Education of primary importance.


Again the definition of luxury varies from person to person depending on the financial capability and social standing of the individual. One child’s luxury would be another child’s necessity.

Hence one has to distinguish between wasteful expenses on unnecessary luxuries and the importance of investing the same money to secure the child’s future to ensure a beautiful, secure, and comfortably luxurious life.


How does one arrive at the perfect formula to enjoy comforts in the present and at the same time to put a little something aside for a future that is some distance away yet?

How does one attain this?  Getting an Insurance Policy is an excellent Idea to part with some money regularly by way of Premiums, and then allow the Corpus to build to a sizable amount. One can take an Insurance Policy that helps the Insurer to withdraw a part of the Funds towards College Education or Real Estate Investment. This can only be done if some Luxuries have been put on hold and sacrifices made in the present for the sake of a bright future for Children.


Good habits of saying no to unnecessary expenditures are inculcated when young. Children learn from their parents. It is thus that the approach of saving for the child on a long term basis is without a doubt, the perfect successful formula for a secure and safe future of the child.

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