Life insurance basics:

A life insurance policy is essential when it comes to sole breadwinners in a family. After the demise of the person whose only source of income is supporting the family, the next of kin are left grasping at straws until one of them can find a stable source of income to support the family again. To avoid such a situation, a life insurance policy is essential.

Life insurance acts as a temporary source of income while the family recovers mentally and financially from the loss of their loved one. It is a stepping stone to a stable future, where the family is always secure with a steady income. Life insurance policies are of various types, and you should be educated in what they are before you decide on the right kind of policy for you and your family.

Choosing a life insurance policy:

There are a wide variety of insurance choices available out there. With the needs for every person getting different, insurance policies are now more personalized than ever. Here are the basic types of insurance that you need to know about:

  • Consider going with term life insurance if you require the cover for a specified amount of time. You can match the length of the cover to the period you need it for. This is best suited if you are sure about your future requirement for some lump sum, like college funding. It is also well within budget for most English families and is cheaper in the long run than most other policies.
  • Permanent life insurance is more suited for a long-term, less well-thought plan. If you require an insurance cover for as long as you are living, then this kind of policy suits you best. It pays a death benefit independent of when it happens. It can also act as a source of funds to borrow from, having to rely less on interest rates of banks and other informal loans.

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