Chronic fatigue syndrome is an everlasting illness that causes severe fatigue no matter of the amount of rest a person has had. There is no obvious cause of this disease but it is believed that a viral infection, immune system problems, hormone imbalance, genetics, high stress or a traumatic injury could be the cause. Applications for chronic fatigue syndrome insurance can often be offered at standard terms. Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) can have an adverse effect on your life insurance premiums if you have additional mental health or medical conditions. When making your application for chronic fatigue syndrome life insurance, insurers will have a close to look at your medical history.

Obtaining life insurance with chronic fatigue syndrome:

The symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome and the way it impacts each person can differ considerably. Life insurance for people with chronic fatigue syndrome may be offered at normal terms with some insurers, provided that your condition is well controlled. Insurers would be keen to know:

  • The frequency of its effect
  • If your chronic fatigue syndrome has prevented you from working
  • Any secondary conditions related to your chronic fatigue syndrome e.g. depression

Your cost for chronic fatigue syndrome Life insurance will also be based on:

  • Sum assured
  • Term of cover you’ve selected.
  • Type of policy you’ve chosen (e.g. Family, Mortgage, Whole of Life etc.)

Based on your answers to the above questions along with the insurer’s guidelines the cost of your policy may differ tremendously. As chronic fatigue syndrome can have many possibilities of other related health conditions, you may experience exclusions on chronic fatigue syndrome life insurance.  These exclusions would stop you from claiming for related mental health and medical conditions. 

How much will it cost?Depending upon your circumstances and severity of the condition, you may be offered a policy on standard or non-standard terms (increased premiums). However chronic fatigue syndrome life insurance can usually be obtained at standard rates, you could see loading to your premium-if your

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