Ulcerative colitis:

It is similar to other inflammatory bowel diseases in terms of its effect on the body and treatments. It is a long term chronic disease of the large intestine, with no known cure. Symptoms can include abdominal pain which can be exceptionally strong and diarrhoea with blood. People with ulcerative colitis may live fairly normal lives with no or few symptoms but it can also be worse if they remain untreated, possibly life-threatening. There is a possibility of complications which can include; Dehydration; Eye swelling; Joint pain etc

Ulcerative Colitis effect on life insurance:

Ulcerative colitis is thought to be an autoimmune disease which affects many people in the UK. Ulcerative Colitis is quite a common condition we must take into consideration when placing life insurance applications. Insurers will want to know specific information about your Ulcerative Colitis and these details include

  • When were you diagnosed?
  • How frequently are your flare-ups?
  • When was your last flare-up?
  • Do you take any medication to manage your symptoms?
  • Are you able to work?
  • Are you due to have or have you had surgery (e.g. colectomy)?

In this case, the severity of an applicant’s condition and how recently they may have had a flare-up can have implications to the cost of the cover. Firstly, they will need to understand the type of UC disease you have, along with any long-term symptoms/ related medical issues, and your family history. If your case is mild with little/ no symptoms and the requirement of mild medication, insurers will usually offer cover at standard terms. However, if your ulcerative colitis causes regular symptoms which require regular medication, increased premiums will be applied to your cover. If your diagnosis results with liver disease or if you have been hospitalized in the last 12 months due to your ulcerative colitis, your application may be declined. You may also experience policy exclusions in your cover and this is where insurers will exclude conditions related to your ulcerative colitis diagnosis from your policy.

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