Coronary angioplasty is the procedure of widening the coronary arteries of the heart that have been blocked. It restores the normal blood flow to your heart muscle by inflating a tiny balloon in it.

A coronary artery stent that expands inside the coronary artery is usually placed during or immediately after angioplasty, and it helps prevent the coronary artery from closing up again.

 A coronary angioplasty life insurance provides cover for all the patients who’ve undergone surgery and prefer a coverage narrowed down to their wants.


The insurance can be mainstream under the supervision of a specialist underwriter where the application is considered after the individual has become stable and has submitted his medical report along with other details about his condition, surgery, and tests.

The insurer will ask you question regarding your lifestyle, occupation, health, habits, and other related things like:

  • How long since your coronary angioplasty surgery?
  • The numbers of arteries involved in the procedure
  • The condition of each arterial section
  • The secondary condition that you may or may not suffer from
  • Complications or severity of your coronary angioplasty surgery.
  • Your age, etc

The cover availability and premium cost will depend on the factors, as stated above. Once your policy has been issued, neither the premium or the cover will increase or decrease if your health worsens later on.

After researching your medical reports, conducting a medical examination, and looking at relevant test result reports, this indicator consists of the cover availability and premium cost that you’ll be required to pay before the issue of your policy.


Coronary angioplasty life insurance is the first step towards ensuring a healthy and financially fit future irrespective of your medical costs and other costs incurred over the years.

It acts as a protective shield to defend you and your family members from an incalculable circumstance that may prove to be fatal to your health and finance altogether.

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