Coronavirus has been declared as a pandemic by Wold Health Organization (WHO) and the virus has spread all around the world. Covid_19 has turned the world upside down and the condition is truly horrible. In this difficult situation, people are more and more worried about the financial future of the family, and hence, having a life insurance policy in place is surely the first thing to strike in mind. If you want to know about coronavirus and life insurance, you have come to the right place.

Does life insurance cover deaths from coronavirus?

Deaths due to health conditions are generally covered in most life insurance types. If you already have a life insurance policy in place (an individual who has passed away had life insurance), the beneficiary should get paid once the life insurance claim is filed. 

What if you get a policy now?

Will your policy cover health due to coronavirus if you buy life insurance now? Of course, this might be the very first question to come into your mind. If you are planning to apply for life insurance (or your application is in the process), the current scenario will surely have an impact on your life insurance.

The life insurance provider will surely take a close look at your medical history, and your current health status before acceptance. Moreover, COVID_19 will have an impact on the cost of life insurance as well as the premiums you will need to pay. In the current situation, the prices will surely be high.

For those who have application in process, the insurer can hold or even reject your application is you are already suffering from coronavirus. 

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