The novel Coronavirus or Covid-19 has reached a count of about 17.9 million, with 10.6 million people recovered and 6,083 reported deaths.

The new coronavirus is a respiratory virus which spreads primarily through droplets generated when an infected person coughs or sneezes, or through droplets or saliva or discharge from the nose.

As we continue to adapt to the system gradually, the insurance policies are undergoing rapid changes worldwide.

What are the new questions about coronavirus that I need to answer during the application?

The patterns of the questionnaire have imposed new experience-based questions like:

  • Have you ever been treated in a hospital due to Coronavirus (Covid-19)?
  • Experienced any of the following symptoms; a cough, breathing difficulties, high temperature or fever, loss of the sense of taste or smell.
  • Been diagnosed with coronavirus
  • Self – isolated for any other reason
  • Had contact with someone who has been confirmed or suspected to have coronavirus

If your answer is in affirmative for any of these, the insurer will offer an underwriting team to look at your application with more specifications.

It is important to answer truthfully and honestly to get a rightfully crafted life insurance policy for yourself.

How does coronavirus affect income protection policy claims?

An income protection policy is there to cover you if you are incapable of doing your regular job. This does not include other reasons, like being told by your employer or the government to self-isolate.

Your income protection policies won’t cover the self-isolation period. However, if you are unwell and also unable to work, the insurer can consider a claim for you.

What if I’m struggling financially?

If you are struggling financially, you are allowed to take a break from your payments. This is called a ‘payment-deferral’, and you would remain covered by this time- keeping your current benefits and level of cover.

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