What Is Joint Life Insurance?

Joint life insurance covers you and your spouse under the same contract. It is comprehensive protection with benefits for both of you. You can always apply for joint life insurance either physically or online.

The Need for Joint Life Insurance

  • When both parents’ income contributes to the wellbeing of the family, it becomes necessary to buy joint life insurance. when both parents die, their income is lost, and standing the economic impact of their death might be difficult for their children.
  • Joint life insurance is also beneficial for young couples with young kids and outstanding loans and is just starting their family life. This is because, the payment received in the event of the death of either of them, will be of great help.
  • It is important to cover a non-working spouse as well because when she passes away, the cost of caring for the kids and ensuring other household chores are done will be higher than you may think.

How much does it cost?

Life Insurance varies different when it comes to premiums. You and your partner will have to agree on the amount of payout you need to cover your expenses including the mortgages. After that, you will pay the sum agreed which the insurer will release to your dependents should you pass away.

Life insurance is cheaper if you take out the policy early. People who are Under 30s pays premium at £10.88 a month for level term joint life insurance whereas people in the age group of 50s have to pay the average cost of £63.07.

Age group Monthly cost of joint life insurance
18-29 £10.88
30-39 £17.56
40-49 £33.72
50-59 £63.07
60+ £215.13

Joint Cover for 3rd and 4th Death

Joint life insurance for 3rd and 4th death will only work if you are applying for whole life insurance. it guarantees that the insurer will make payment when the 4th person dies. It is suitable for business partners where 4 people are insured under one contract.

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