Life is so unpredictable, we never know what’s coming next. As we all know that our health is the greatest wealth we have, but no one can ever take it for granted so one should be prepared for it and having critical illness cover included in your term insurance policy or separately is the best option one can have to face the stressful situation in life.

Now the question is ‘What is Critical illness cover?’

Critical illness cover also known as ‘dread disease policy’ is an add-on to your basic insurance policy or you can opt for it separately. In this policy, the insurer is contracted to payout a certain amount of money to the policyholder if by god forbid he/she is diagnosed with any of the specific life-threatening illness/disease covered by your policy.

Also, please note that ‘Critical illness cover’ not only helps you to bare the medical expenses of life-altering diseases, but also gives a secured reimbursed health insurance benefits(i.e., pay bills, mortgages, etc) now you can decide how to spend the money.

How does it work?

As needs vary from person to person depending on their perspectives and financial status this is why critical illness cover also offers you various options to help you find the policy which fits you the best.

While any other basic insurance comes with a waiting period, critical life insurance comes along with a survival period which is the length of time that the insured needs to survive post-diagnosis in order receive the claim and therefore this period varies from 0-180days depending on the policy and insurer.

Concluding Thoughts

When medical emergencies occur financial crisis is sure to come along with it, so without waiting to waste your crucial time start investing in an insurance policy which has critical illness included in it or opt for it separately.

Please Note: One already suffering with any pre-existing critical illness cannot opt for it, and the cover will not be valid for anyone above the age of 59 years, so choose very carefully before investing.

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