A critical illness cover is a special type of life insurance that compensates the insured with a generous lump sum if he or she is recognized to have certain illnesses or disabilities.

The Working Scheme:

           The critical illness cover only pays out in case of a certain long-term and serious conditions like cancer, Parkinson’s, loss of limbs, grave heart conditions, stroke, etc.

           In most cases, quality treatment of serious illnesses costs a fortune and an illness cover can come in handy. While state benefits or sick pay from your employer can still be granted, it may not be enough especially considering the expense and short in income long-term recovery periods could cause.

Do you need critical illness cover?

           Before you apply for critical illness insurance there are few things to understand and remember:

  • If you have disposable savings that you could use in case of emergency in place of insurance.
  • If your employer is willing to aid you with benefits and support while you are recovering from your illness.
  • If you already have an insurance aid as a benefit from pre-existing life insurance.


           The cost of critical illness insurance depends on a lot of factors:

  • Age- the older you are the more likely you are to claim the insurance and the higher the premium or the overall cost of the cover.
  • Gender- men are more likely to pay more than women since statistics show they are more inclined to make critical illness claims
  • Health- people with good health pay relatively less
  • Job, hobbies, and lifestyle- your cover will cost higher if you have a high-risk job or hobbies and have habits that have degrading effects on our health like smoking, extensive drinking, etc.


           A critical illness cover does not provide insurance against all diseases and sometimes even excludes grave illnesses if you or your family have an extensive history of the same.

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